Green Waste

Green waste disposal has never been easier when you call Burnside trash to come and remove it for you. You just simply cut the plants back leave it in one large pile or several piles throughout your garden and we simply turn up, load it and leave.

You pay per cubic metre that we remove which includes loading and disposal

There is no need to have skip bins clog your driveway or have to council approval to have a bin left on your verge. This

Our units are 6,10 & 13 m3 in size and the photo to the left  a 13 m3 load delivered to the transfer station.

This green waste is then processed and diverted from landfill at our partner transfer station.

As a service provider we are only use transfer stations that have an outstanding record of value adding what they receive, also ensuring that the  waste to landfill is minimised.

Green Waste

Estimating volumes is always difficult when the question is asked how many cubic metres have got.

The photo below as an example is between 4-5 m3. After we compact it when loading it into our mobile skips.

The best way to determine volume is measure the pile in length, width then height in metres. Times these together will give you m3

Example a pile 4 metres long 2 metres wide & 1.5 m high = 12 m3.

If it is loosely stacked,then compacted in our mobile bins The volume may end up being 8-9 m3

We are very conscious of ensuring that are loads are packed to the best of our ability in that airspace in minimised.

Green Waste