​Hard Rubbish

In today’s environment councils still offer 1-2 hard rubbish collections / year, however depending on which council area you are in this may vary. You need to call your local office to get a brief on their policy.

There could be a lead time of  8-10 weeks before they can attend your address, then generally only remove 2 m3 per collection.

Here at Burnside Trash we come the next day or when it is convenient for you. We require a minimum of 2 m3 with no maximum amount as you only pay for the volume in cubic metres we remove.

We will load it into our mobile bins from where ever it is on the property so there is no need for you to lug it out to the kerbside.

98% of the hard rubbish we deliver to the transfer station is diverted from Landfill. This is standard practice with our partner transfer station.  

Hard Rubbish

Hard Rubbish Items include

  • Cupboards
  • Wardrobes
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    Washing Machines
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  • Tyres
  • Bed Frames
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    Home gym equipment

As part of the service we offer in Hard Rubbish Removal, we load the hard rubbish from anywhere within the property into our mobile units.